BeDrive v2.1.0 多用户网盘系统+汉化文件

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BeDrive 是一款非常强大的网盘系统源码,安装使用方便,无需编码基础,几分钟就可以搭建一个文件共享&云存储网盘网站。

BeDrive v2.1.0 多用户网盘系统+汉化文件

BeDrive 安装方便 、基于Ajax 、分享功能 、文件上传 、共享链接 、多语言 、响应式设计 、文件预览 、Amazon S3,DigitalOcean,Dropbox存储 、文档 、认证管理 、角色和权限 、禁用注册 、网格和列表视图 、广告系统 、专业设计 、外观编辑 、设置 、Analytics(分析) 、多个主页 、(可选)付款系统 、拖放上传 、上下文菜单 、回收站 、收藏 、搜索 、文件细节 、源代码开源等。

BeDrive v2.1.0 多用户网盘系统+汉化文件

PHP >= 5.6
PDO Extension (enabled by default)
php_fileinfo Extension (enabled by default)
MySQL, Postgres, SQLite or SQL Database Server.

智享阁本地安装测试过程中发现,需要将数据库字符集改成 utf8_unicode_ci ,否则不支持中文名的文件夹或文件名。

另外,智享阁本地安装并初步做了前台汉化,发现有些字符是无法翻译的(改源文件外)。汉化也是很简单的,后台-翻译-新建本地化语言(New Localization)并设置为默认,然后新建翻译(Add New Translation)就可。如果你觉得麻烦,可以使用智享阁汉化好的 chinese.json 简体中文语言文件(时间有限仅汉化了前台,后台有时间再完善)。

BeDrive v2.1.0 多用户网盘系统+汉化文件

chinese.json 简体中文语言文件使用方法:
1、后台-翻译-新建本地化语言(New Localization)-Localization Name 输入 Chinese,创建后,点Chinese语言右边的小齿轮,选择 Set as Default 设置为默认。
2、将程序包 Chinese 文件夹中的 chinese.json 文件复制到安装程序 bedrive\resources\lang 目录中覆盖即可。

BeDrive v2.1.0 多用户网盘系统+汉化文件


New Features
Folders viewed via shareable link will now have same interface as main site.
Spreadsheet, Powerpoint and Word documents can now be previewed.
Description can now be added to uploaded files and folders.
Added Backblaze as a storage option.

Thumbnails will now be created when uploading large images.
Amazon S3 storage method endpoint can now be changed via settings page.
Updated subscription page design.
Starred files will now have star icon added in list view.
Notification messages containing variables can now be translated.
PDF and mp3/mp4 previews should no longer have native browser download buttons.
"Move items" dialog now allows moving files and folders into root.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue with PayPal plans not syncing sometimes.
Validation messages will now be translated when locale is not set to english.
Empty folders will now be created properly in .zip file when downloading folders.
Upload panel will now be affected by color changes made via appearance editor.
Folders uploaded into child folder will now get correctly shared with users who have access to parent folder.
Currencies with longer symbols will no longer overlap subscription plan name.
Sorting order will now be preserved when more files are loaded via scrolling.
PDF preview will now work properly on Edge and most mobile browsers.
User subscriptions in admin area will now be searchable.

V2.1.0版本下载:百度云盘 提取码(Ctrl+A): dj9f
V2.0.9版本下载:百度云盘 提取码(Ctrl+A): 9bnn

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